While most of our time is spent searching out worthwhile and exciting events for our Seenyer subscribers, we also like to pass on other destinations we think might be of interest. One website and newsletter that we’ve become great fans of is IN THE GROOVE, a “lifestyle destination for age-defying women.” It’s a refreshingly welcome place to find everything from must-have fashion ideas to beauty and wellness recommendations, all brilliantly tailored to the 50 plus age group.

We were fortunate to spend a little time with its founder, Susan Feldman. In 2009, Susan co-founded One Kings Lane, the website that dramatically changed retail forever, when it became the online go-to destination for home and interior design. Clearly, Susan has already showcased her unique understanding of what people want. Now she’s doing it again, creating a place for women of a certain age to get the recommendations and products they need.

So, was Susan born with this keen eye and sensibility? “Well, I don’t know if I was born with it, but I did come from a retail family and I followed that path,” she says. We surmise that her successful marketing and sales career was key, but there was also some magical, forward thinking at hand when it comes to Susan’s innovations. Susan laughed, “It’s not magic, some people are just good observers of what’s happening, and I’ve always been keenly aware of what people are doing, purchasing, and wearing, along with what speaks to me.”

So, how did IN THE GROOVE come about? “When I sold One Kings Lane I finally had more time to re-connect with a lot of my friends. It became abundantly clear that somewhere around our 50th year, women who had been enjoying rich, fulfilling lives and careers, were starting to experience feeling irrelevant and becoming almost invisible. The idea that there was something going on, a decade where your stock was speedily approaching an expiration date, and how tough that is, got me thinking and researching who was actually talking to this group, and there really wasn’t anyone. I needed to create a place to help women feel more connected, that they weren’t missing anything, and offer plenty of ways to stay in the groove.” We shared that when we go to the website, there is an immediate comfort in getting ideas and suggestions from people who really “see us.” Susan agreed, saying, “We all need a go-to place that’s talking your language, and keeping you laughing, so you not only are informed, but you feel good about yourself.”

We go to the site for all sorts of ideas, from clothes, to beauty and wellness. And heading into the warmer weather, we had to ask our style expert what trends she’s seeing right now.

“Coming off COVID, everybody is gravitating to color and prints. It helps us feel vibrant and happy, whether it’s a beautiful peasant blouse or a great sun dress. It’s refreshing to get out of your sweats. On the shoe front, it’s nice to put on a pair of sandals, or something with a little kitten heel to make you feel elevated. Really, anything that makes you feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

From spring looks (is tie-dye making a comeback?) to finding the right shampoo, there’s so much great content. So check out IN THE GROOVE, follow @getinthegroove1, and sign up for the newsletter HERE. It’s an easy, quick way to add some fun to your morning coffee.